Photo by Al Chaput

Larry Perigo

Born in Nashville, TN. Larry had an interest in music at an early age. Family photos show him playing his guitar at 9 years old and playing the violin while in 4th grade. He began a singing career in bands in 1963. He was later encouraged by a band member to give the saxophone a try. This resulted in him becoming a part of several local favorite bands throughout the 60‘s.

In 1969 his band (The General Assembly Show) became a part of the Phil Harris Show in the main showroom at a Las Vegas hotel which featured the Harry James Orchestra and Frank Sinatra, Jr. This proved to be a great learning experience.

After returning to Nashville he started The Headliners and they performed their first date on April 23, 1973 as a four piece band. It had immediate popularity in Nashville and was called to do another show with Phil Harris at the Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans this time featuring the Pete Fountain Orchestra. The Headliners also did shows in a Las Vegas lounge.

In 1977 Larry signed a contract for The Headliners to perform at the new Hyatt Regency Hotel on Hilton Head Island for the month of October. This turned out to be the beginning of a great long term relationship between The Headliners and the Hyatt Hotels. The Headliners performed at Club Indigo located in the Hyatt on Hilton Head for nineteen years and occasionally were  engaged at several other Hyatt locations for performances, such as Orlando Hyatt and Hyatt Regency in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Larry says “I feel terribly blessed to have been a part of this great group of people/musicians for so many years and to have made so many friends through our performances and to be able to call this beautiful island my home.